Storage Units and Locations

Eisenhower Location

The Eisenhower location houses our main office and is located a half-mile west of Walmart at 1314 Eisenhower Rd.

In addition to our gated headquarters location we also offer two other sites strategically located around Leavenworth to provide efficient location options for all residents. 

If you’re planning a big move, our friendly staff is ready to help as you go through the transition.

You won’t have to worry about planning your schedule around us as we’re in the office until 5PM during the week and 4PM on Saturdays. Spring thru summer we’re in the office on Sundays! Gate hours on Eisenhower are until 9PM and the other 2 facilities offer 24 hour monitored access.  In addition, all sites offer video surveillance monitoring to help keep an eye on things.

We offer self-storage solutions in many sizes to fit your needs.  Whether you’re looking to store an entire home’s worth of items, or a few boxes of excess belongings, you’re sure to find the right storage unit. Our sizes range from 5’ x 5’ to 12’ x 24’, and we also have parking spots for rent for your RV, boat or trailer. All of our units are conveniently drive up accessible. You won’t have a problem getting in and out at any of our locations even for a semi-truck & trailer. 

5X5X8 (Eisenhower) 
Price: $35.00

5X10X8 (Eisenhower)
Price: $53.00

5X12X12 (Eisenhower)
Price: $63.00

8x10x8 (Eisenhower)
Price: $75.00

10X10X8 (Eisenhower/garage door) 

10X12X12 (Eisenhower)

10X15X8 (Eisenhower)
Price: $110.00

8x20x8 (Eisenhower front & back doors)
Price: $120.00

10X20X8 (Eisenhower)

10X24X12 (Eisenhower)
Price: $130.00

10X25X8 (Eisenhower)
Price: $135.00

RV, Boat, Vehicle & Trailer Storage
Price: 49.00

Cherokee Location

Our Cherokee location is located in the heart of Leavenworth.  It also boasts the title of being the first storage location built in the first city in Kansas.  It is located a couple of blocks from our downtown business district and has 24/hour access.  The location is well lit with security cameras to help keep your goods safe and secure.  These units have concrete walls and high ceilings providing more storage space than traditional storage solutions with the same dimensions.  If you are looking for a central location near downtown that is only .5 miles from Ft. Leavenworth look no further

6X10X12 (Cherokee)
Price: $60.00

10X10X8 (Cherokee walk-thru)
Price: $75

12X10X12 (Cherokee walk-thru)
Price: $89.00

12X24X12 (Cherokee)
Price: $140.00

Marion Location

The Marion location is positioned nicely just in front of Century Van Lines on Marion street just off Main Street (4th Street).   The Marion location is our boutique location that only has a couple of sizes.  The location is only 1 mile from Ft. Leavenworth and supports the families on the East side of Leavenworth.  The location has 24-hour access and is well lit with security cameras to help keep your goods safe and secure.  IF you are looking for a small to midsize unit look no further.

6X10X8 (Marion)
Price: $60.00

10X10X8 (Marion walk-thru)
Price: $75.00