Packing, Mailing and Shipping Services

We offer discounted pricing with all of the major carriers (FedEx, UPS, USPS, Airborne) mailing services.  We offer everyday shipping services, holiday packing, and specialty item packing & shipping services.  Just drop off your package or items for us to ship.  If you need us to pack and protect we have trained staff ready to exceed expectations.  We specialize in properly packing fragile and high-value items like artwork and antiques, and can package large or odd-shaped items such as golf clubs or sports equipment. Let the packing and shipping experts do the job for you so your items arrive timely and safely.

We Are Your One-Stop-Shop for Shipping

When it comes to packing and protecting your items, Storage Box has the expertise you require. 
Our experts are trained in advanced packing solutions.  We provide:

Need Boxes, Tape, Other Packing Supplies?
We Got You Covered!

Packing and moving is stressful enough without having to track down quality supplies. Don’t hunt for good boxes from work or your local supermarket. Storage Box has you covered with all of your shipping supply needs. 

Small Carton

Small Cartons are convenient for packing books, CDs, tools, and small appliances. These cartons are the most requested for any household move, noted as the best way to ensure an efficient “unpack” at your new location. 1.5 Cubic Foot, Size: 16x12x12h, Edge Crush Test (ECT) rating of 32, making them suitable for carrying up to 40 pounds of weight.

Medium Carton – 3.0 Cu. Ft.

Medium Cartons are the ideal boxes for moving clothes, platters, bulky items, also great for storing large household items such as collectibles, holiday ornaments, table lamps, and electronic equipment. 3.0 Cubic Foot, Size: 18x18x16h, 32 ECT.

Large Carton- 4.5 Cu. Ft.

Large Tall Cartons are a great choice for shipping or storing household items such as lamp shades, stereo speakers, comforters, blankets, clothes, stuffed animals pillows, or any large yet lighter items. These boxes are big, so remember to minimize the weight for easier lifting. 4.5 Cubic Foot, Size: 18x18x24h, 32 ECT.

Extra Large Cartons -6.0 Cu. Ft.

Extra Large Cartons are best for blankets, lines, towels, and bulky items that are not especially heavy. These cartons are an indispensable part of any home move. 6.0 Cubic Foot, Size: 24x18x24h, 32 ECT.

Dish Carton

Dish Pack Cartons are designed to protect dishes, glasses, china, and flatware. Made from extra heavy duty 275# test corrugated. 5.1 Cubic Foot, Size: 18x18x28h

Flat Wardrobe

Lay Flat Wardrobe Box. A conveniently sized carton for storing sweaters and seasonal clothing. Fits under most beds. 33”x20”x10” 3.0 cubic foot

18”WD- Wardrobe Carton, 18″ 21”x18”x46” 10 cubic foot

24”WD- Wardrobe Carton, 24″ 24”x21”x46” 13 cubic foot

Small Mirror Carton- 4pc 30×40

Mirror Carton is designed as a Telescoping Carton, with a 4 way vertical and horizontal direction adjustment to accommodate any size picture or mirror up to 30″x40″.

Large Mirror Carton- 4pc 40×60

Mirror Carton is designed as a Telescoping Carton, with a 4 way vertical and horizontal direction adjustment to accommodate any size picture or mirror up to 40″x60″.

We offer the following mattress bags that are perfect for easy pack and go.

  • King Mattress (76X14X103)
  • FULL MATTRESS BAG (54X14X98)    

Unprinted newsprint sold by 10lbs and 25lbs.

Carton sealing tape sold by 2”x55yds or 2”x110yds

Stretch wrap variety of sizes- 5”x1000’, 16”x1500’, 15”x1476’

We also carry specialty items such as bubble wrap, peanuts, tape guns, carpet protectors, moving gloves, dish/glass kits. We carry a variety of towing accessories such as 4-way light wires, light adaptors, drawbars,  and hitch pins. We carry a variety of locks from disc locks to padlocks to hitch locks.